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The culture or feel of a campus cannot be reduced to a ranking or a linear measure of any kind. Whether a professor will help you learn cannot be revealed by the number and prestige of his or her alma matres.

Donald Asher
Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different


Let us all—counselors, parents, and students—reclaim the college selection and admission process as a form of education rather than a form of commercialism. Let us turn our young people first to their imaginations, not toward market driven illusion and false precision.

Philip Ballinger
Director of Admission,
University of Washington


What I’d tell teenagers today: pick a good liberal arts school and learn how to think.”

R. Glenn Hubbard
Dean, Graduate School of Business
Columbia University


Don’t be too cautious. It seems to me that we work hard to craft questions that prevent that, but we see students who are too cautious. Be adventurous intellectually – write unconventionally. Applicants have more freedom than they think, and it’s in their interest to use that flexibility.

John Latting
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions,
Emory University


There are all sorts of internal forces on campuses that drive tuition upward, but they are less important in setting the price of an education than is the conviction that college is an unbeatable investment for a better life.

Nicholas Lemann
“The Cost of College”
The New Yorker Magazine


For many students, there has been (and frankly speaking there should be) some struggle to define what you want and what you need in a college. Questioning how one learns best, and under what conditions, should be the central issue…

Bruce Poch
Former Dean of Admissions,
Pomona College


College is a vital step toward adulthood for students pursuing admission processes. We owe them the best support we can muster, because guiding students is a trust of great consequence.

William M. Shain
Former Dean of Undergraduate Admissions,
Vanderbilt University


What is college for? You want the inside of your head to be an interesting place to spend the rest of your life.

Judith Shapiro
Former President, Barnard College
College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be
by Andrew Delbanco


Your need for learning, your desire to know, your appetite for new activities and new ideas, your willingness to be stretched beyond your comfort zone, your tolerance for ambiguity, your fondness for hard work, your interest in people, places, and things, and your passion for life – these are what you must invest if you want to create (not get) “a good college education.”

Lloyd Thacker
College Unranked


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 learn about my Counseling Philosophy

  • Guiding students is a trust of great consequence. They are the center of this process – not me, not the parents, not the colleges.
  • The goal of my work is to match students with schools where they will be happy, challenged, and successful.
  • The single best way to ensure their success is for students to take ownership of the process. When they begin to think deeply about where they want to go and why, they maximize their chance of a transformative college experience.
  • College is many things. Students will discover for themselves the proper balance of academics, co-curricular activities, and time to just have fun!
  • The most popular college rankings claim to be objective measures of the excellence of a college. Yet they all compare the stats of incoming freshmen instead of the accomplishments of graduating college seniors.
  • Philosophy is important, but it’s not enough. To be a good college admission consultant, one has to understand both the art and science of college admission and know how to put them to work.